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The big move – Find me on AGU blogs!


Hello loyal followers: I have the great honor of announcing that the American Geophysical Union will now host my blog. AGU is a preeminent global society dedicated to supporting, disseminating, and advancing Earth science. They run a number of the most prominent Earth science academic journals and annually host–among a number of smaller regional conferences–the largest Earth science conference on the planet. As part of their outreach efforts they have assembled the AGU blogosphere, a group of passionate science bloggers with the itch and ability to discuss science, from how it’s done to what it shows to how it relates to you and the rest of the world. It is with honor that I join their ranks, and look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for things seismological through an outlet that will open the discussion to scientific and public audiences alike.

The new URL is and all of my posts have been migrated there!

Find me on AGU blogs!


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