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The Best Earthquake Apps

Have you felt an earthquake while sitting at home or in the office, and wanted to be the first to know how big it was and where it was centered? Do you have relatives who live in earthquake country, and would like to know immediately when a big earthquake strikes and swamps the phone lines? If you live in Mexico or Japan, apps already exist that can warn you when your local seismic network detects strong shaking, affording you precious seconds to scramble to shelter. For the rest of us, the best we can do for now is figure out the when, where, and how big as or after the shaking subsides. The quickest way to find out the deets on an earthquake is through your mobile phone.

The world of mobile software abounds with apps designed to bring real-time earthquake information to their users around the globe. There are apps that ______________ With so many options, and so many $0.99 bills to pay, you’ll obviously want to make an educated decision. I’ve dedicated this post to a personal summary, review, and ranking of all the quake-related apps I could get my hands on, shelling out those hefty sums on my own so that you don’t have to. Others have done this before me, and I encourage you to evaluate each of our opinions before you take the plunge… or you could just go by mine, since obviously it’s the one you’ve stumbled upon and the point is to reduce the amount of decision-making you have to do, right? Right. So without further ado, here’s my ranking:


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